Reopening Plan


Guidance for reopening in-person services.

There are 3 basic principles we will adhere to as we begin the process of re-opening in person Sunday morning worship service

  • It will be a safe and cautious process. We will limit seating per service. We will remove as many points of physical contact as possible. We will have an exceptional sanitizing process each week.
  • It will continue to prioritize ministry to those who will not meet in person such as the elderly, sick, or cautious.
  • It will be an evolving process. We will revise and upgrade this process based on current factors and an immense need for wisdom. Our plan includes phases of re-opening in accordance with CDC, White House, and Illinois guidelines.

Criteria for Reopening Safely

We will follow a timeline in accordance with CDC, Illinois, & Will County guidelines.

  • We understand that this will be a long gradual process with factors such as safety and awareness of current circumstances.
  • We will evaluate our guidelines and attendance policy monthly or sooner if needed.
  • An email will be sent outlining the process and steps we will be taking.

Regarding senior citizens & those with underlying health conditions.

  • ​​​​​​​
  • Because of the the dangers related to COVID-19, we are asking all members age 65 and older and members of all ages who have underlying health conditions such as breathing conditions, cancer treatments, suppressed immune systems, etc., to please stay at home and continue to worship via livestream during the early stages of our return.
  • To learn more about whether are you you are at greater risk, please visit the Centers for Disease Control website.

Preparation for reopening our facilities.

  • Sanitizing facilities — Facilities will be sanitized before and after every service using CDC approved disinfectants
  • Amenities — Restrooms and water fountains will be accessible based on Phase criteria
  • Volunteer Training - Ushers and volunteers will need to be trained on protocol for social distancing - Communicate Clearly
  • Clearly communicate at each phase for reopening our facilities to reduce confusion and alleviate concerns

Criteria for Social Distancing




  • be willing to have temperature taken
  • wash hands before and after the services
  • stay 6 feet from others
  • cover coughs and sneezes
  • use hand sanitizer stations frequently


  • shake hands
  • hug others
  • come to church if you are sick
  • touch your face, nose or mouth
  • leave trash in the auditorium


  • Doors will open 30 minutes prior to each service. *Online preregistration is required during this current phase
  • Volunteers will take your temperature, using a no-contact thermometer, upon entering the building. If you have a temperature, you will not be admitted for the safety of others.
  • No one should plan to attend services who is known to have had any contact with a known COVID-19 confirmed case, or is exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Face masks are beneficial, welcomed, but not required
  • There should be no gatherings at doorways or in the foyer. Please promptly exit.


  • No one should plan to attend services who is known to have had any contact with known COVID-19 confirmed case.
  • Offering plates will not be passed during the services. Secure receptacles will be available in the auditorium for you to drop your offering, or you are encouraged to use online giving.


  • Auditorium doors will be propped open to avoid the touching of door handles.
  • Ushers will seat attenders before the services. Families will sit together. There will be at least 6 feet between families.
  • At the end of the services, ushers will dismiss attenders in a controlled orderly manner maintaining social distancing. Ushers may need to direct people to a specific exit door. There will be no gatherings at doorways, hallways, or foyer.